A Love of Classic Cars, and any excuse to drive them

With a demanding corporate day job and a young family, I had found it increasingly hard to enjoy snack sized bites of classic car driving that didn't involve driving to a car show, browsing the local talent and scooting off home.

There are plenty of classic car hire companies who offer you a glimpse into what classic car ownership can be like (great drives on great roads with great food) but there remained a void for owners who want to drive their cars with other classic car owners, enjoy a few laughs and some good food along the way.


The desire to correct this drove me to run a quick straw poll of some friends with classic cars, and I realised that I was not alone in my frustration, or indeed my desire to do what our glorious classic cars were designed to do, to drive. 

So I rolled my sleeves up, put my money where my mouth is, and formed The Steering Group.

Stuart Rex - 1965 Jaguar e-type driver